9 Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods

The best under cabinet range hoods offer great ventilation for your kitchen. When functioning properly, these appliances remove smoke, steam, and grease from the air. This is vital when it comes to ensuring your lung health as you cook.

Among range hoods, the under cabinet type is the most popular. This variety fits neatly against the wall, beneath a cabinet and over your cooking range. In this article, we’ll cover nine of the best under cabinet range hoods. We will focus on the most common, 30” size. Read through the descriptions to find the range hood that is right for you.

The Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Here’s a list of our favorite hoods currently on the market: 

Broan 40000 Series Two-Speed Ducted Range Hood – Best Ducted Hood

Range hoods in the Broan 4000 series feature some of the best ductwork on the market. This quality ensures a smooth flow of air through the hood. To achieve this, two ducts run through the hood, one vertical and one horizontal.

These ducts convey air at 160 CFM through a 3.25” X 10” opening. This allows all air to easily leave your kitchen

With an attractive stainless steel design, these hoods are easy to install. They are lightweight and have two exhaust options on the top and back of the hood. This grants you flexibility in connecting and operating the Broan 4000 series range hoods.

The ease of use with these under cabinet range hoods does not end there. The Broan 40000 range hoods use aluminum mesh filters that detach easily and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. These range hoods also come with two fan speeds.

Broan 4000 series under cabinet range hoods are switch operated. They come with incandescent lights to help you see clearly as you cook. They also operate based on one of two power sources. They come hardwired but can also use a separate power cord.

These features are well assembled into a range hood that is simple in appearance and use. But even if you don’t like this product, you have up to a year to take advantage of the warranty.

Overall, this range hood is easy to install and use. But its best capabilities like in its quality ductwork.


  • Quality ductwork
  • Easy installation
  • Sleek stainless steel design


  • The fan can be loud
  • The light cover may melt under heat
  • Filter fit could improve

Cosmo 5MU30 Under-Cabinet Range Hood – Best Convertible Hood

Maybe you aren’t ready to install ducting today. You need a range hood for immediate use, and that also provides the option of adding ducting at a later date. The Cosmo 5MU30 Under-Cabinet Convertible Range Hood will let you switch between these two built-in modes.

When you switch to ductless mode, air will cease to move through the duct. Instead, it will flow through the mesh filters and recirculate into the room. If cleaning and reusing filters isn’t your thing, you can purchase cheap single-use carbon filters instead. The kit is sold separately, but is easy to find and won’t break the bank.

The Cosmo 5MU30 under cabinet range hood has a powerful fan. But you might not believe that when you hear how quiet it is. Despite the low noise, this fan is effective in moving kitchen grease through its duct or filter.

You will have three-speed options at your disposal when using this fan. Controlling this is completed via a few push buttons.

This is an attractive stainless steel range hood with a stand-out look. Even owners who have some complaints about this range hood can’t help but appreciate its beauty.

If you want an under cabinet range hood that will lift the entire aesthetic of your kitchen, the Cosmo 5MU30 is right for you. Along with these looks comes the fantastic switched-controlled conversion capabilities. Those components are backed by a five-year limited warranty. 


  • Convertible from ducted to ductless
  • Stylish stainless steel appearance
  • Effective fan


  • Some owners experience installation difficulties
  • Dim light
  • The fan motor is not long-lasting

Broan 41000 Series Two-Speed Non-Ducted Range Hood – Best Ductless Hood

When it comes to ductless under cabinet range hoods, the Broan 41000 is hard to beat. This range hood offers some of the best possible ventilation. This allows you to have no concern about smoke and smells lingering in your kitchen, even with air being recirculated.

All this is made possible by a two-speed fan. Just hit the rocker switch to put this fan to use. Then it will quickly pass your cooking air through the filter. The Broan 41000 series uses charcoal filters which are cost-effective and easy to replace.

As an added benefit, this range hood will brighten your kitchen as well. Just like the fan, incandescent lighting turns on at the flip of a switch. 

A carefully designed lamp lens casts this light over a broad area. That means you won’t need to worry about difficulty seeing as you cook. Just remember that the 75W bulbs are not included with this product.

The Broan 4100 under cabinet range hood series recirculates air within the same room. As it does, it makes sure that you and your family are breathing easily in clean air.

As an owner, you will also be pleased by the size of this range hood. It is 30” and should sit at 18” above your cooktop. This spacing lets owners cook using a variety of cookware. All the while the ductless filtration operates with industry-leading results.


  • Best ductless range hood
  • Bright light
  • Great size


  • The highest fan speed is not the most powerful
  • Difficult installation
  • Materials are less durable than stainless steel options

IKTCH Classic Series Under Cabinet Range Hood – Most Powerful

Who doesn’t want to feel some power? In whatever task we humans do, we want to know that we can do it effectively. With this range, you won’t need to guess about its effectiveness. The IKTCH Classic Series Under Cabinet Range Hood is one of the most powerful among all available under cabinet range hoods.

The IKTCH Classic Series Under Cabinet Range Hood comes with an astounding 900 CFM. Power like that is hard to fathom, but this range hood delivers. But how does it go about producing so much power? 

This range hood uses a strong dual-motor system that forces greasy kitchen air through stainless steel baffle filters and out of your home. No matter how heavy your cooking may be, you can count on the IKTCH Classic Series Under Cabinet Range Hood to perform to your expectations.

At this point, you are probably wondering about the noise. After all, with such power, this range hood has to be loud, right? Surprisingly, the answer to that concern is no.

Just put the IKTCH Classic Series Under Cabinet Range Hood into its ultra-quiet operation mode. This will keep the noise level to 60DB or below on any of the four motor settings. That is a reasonable volume considering the strength of the motors. It also has a five-year limited warranty. 

While impressive, it is not fair to categorize this range hood by its power alone. It is also a highly sophisticated machine. This range hood includes a digital screen set into stainless steel. That’s where owners can use touch controls to operate the fan and LED lamps.

Add gesture sensing and remote control and it is clear that the IKTCH Classic Series Under Cabinet Range Hood uses some high-level technology. But even if it didn’t you would still love this range hood for its immense power capabilities.


  • Strong fan, inset to attractive stainless steel exterior
  • Relatively quiet when in use
  • Forward-thinking technology


  • Faulty filter release mechanism
  • Suction is not as powerful as exhaust output
  • Challenging installation

Broan Glacier Range Hood With Quiet Capture System – Quietest Option

Now it’s time for a range hood that you can count on to give you peace of mind. One of the most obnoxious aspects of range hood operation is noise. In fact, it is probably the most common complaint among range hood owners. The Broan Glacier Range Hood With Quiet Captur System resolves that issue.

This range hood is extremely quiet. Its noise level measures only 25DB. You will be hard-pressed to find another range hood with a similarly low noise level.

But even though the Broan Glacier Range Hood With Quiet Captur System is very quiet, that does not mean that it is not powerful. While not nearly comparable to the strongest range hoods, the Broan Glacier Range Hood With Quiet Captur System has a respectable CFM rating of 400.

Apply this force in one of the three-speed settings. As you do, the fan will force air through a filter. The standard mesh filters are made using micro-mesh that is easy to clean in the dishwasher. If you want, you can opt to upgrade to single-use carbon filters.

One especially useful feature of the Broan Glacier Under Cabinet Range Hood With Quiet Captur System is its filter cleaning reminder. This alerts you as soon as it is time to remove grease from the mesh filter. Doing this regularly is what lets your range hood operate at its highest capacity.

For added safety, this range hood also has a heat detection feature. When the temperature rises, the range hood will automatically adjust its blower speed accordingly. With that ability, proper ventilation is almost a guarantee. 


  • Extremely quiet
  • Filter cleaning reminder
  • Heat detection


  • Initial electrical wiring is difficult
  • Top speed begins to become a bit noisy
  • The user interface could improve

Broan 42000 Series Two-Speed 7″ Round Range Hood – Most Affordable

Clean air is not something anyone should take for granted. It is also something that all people deserve to have. Yet, many prospective owners are put off by the high prices of many under cabinet range hoods. For those who want a more affordable option, take a close look at the Broan 42000 Series Two-Speed 7″ Round Range Hood.

Not only is the Broan 42000 Series Two-Speed 7″ Round Range Hood a relatively low-cost option, but it also comes with plenty of value. This range hood offers many of the same features as its higher-priced competitors.

A quick glance at a few characteristics will show this quality. Take the power for instance. The Broan 42000 Series Two-Speed 7″ Round Range Hood operates at 190CFM. That is a sufficient level for most cooking settings.

The Broan 42000 Series Two-Speed 7″ Round Range Hood performs well in other categories as well. Its 75W gives a consistent light over the cooking surface. The aluminum mesh filters catch grease and remove easily for cleaning.

This range hood operates on a duct based system. This includes a seven inch opening for the release of kitchen air. This is not the largest of duct openings. But if you are an owner that values affordability, the Broan 42000 Series Two-Speed 7″ Round Range Hood might be your best option.


  • Good value for an affordable price
  • Easy installation
  • Limited parts make for limited maintenance
  • Available in stainless steel, white or black finish


  • Only operates as a ducted range hood
  • Relatively small duct opening
  • Does not include a damper

Cosmo QS Series Under-Cabinet Range Hood – Best Design

For some, aesthetics is the ultimate priority. These owners want a beautiful kitchen that follows a clear design and visual expression. Achieving this is not possible without an attractive range hood. As one of the larger elements of a kitchen design, a range hood is sure to stand out.

You always have the option of a range hood that you can hide behind cabinetry. But what if you want a range hood that will work visually as a supporting component to the appearance of your kitchen? In that case, consider the Cosmo QS Series Under-Cabinet Range Hood.

This range hood boasts a beautiful modern design that comes in different color options. For instance, you can choose from plain stainless steel or a painted version in either black or white. This opens the door to different kitchen design options.

Of course, the best range hoods are not all about looks. They perform a vital function in cooking as well. The Cosmo QS Series Under-Cabinet Range Hood does not skirt this responsibility for the sake of looking good. Instead, it performs well and is backed by a five-year limited warranty.

The fan on this model has two switch-controlled speed settings. The motor moves air at a rate of 500CFM. The noise level is also reasonable at 54DB.

This range hood can also switch between ducted and ductless modes if you buy some separate components along with the main product. The stainless steel baffle filters are easy to remove and clean.

Overall, the primary functions of this range hood are up to par. But the real reason for buying this range hood is its pleasing design and color options. We especially like the clean stainless steel exterior.


  • Color options including clean stainless steel exterior
  • Durable 18-gauge stainless steel
  • Long-lasting energy-efficient LED lights


  • High price
  • Plastic vent flat is not durable
  • Screen can malfunction

Broan BCSEK1 Glacier Range Hood – Most Energy Efficient

With all of the priorities that come into play when choosing a range hood, we can’t forget one of the most important ones. With so much use, a range hood should be energy efficient. 

The Broan BCSEK1 Glacier Under Cabinet Range Hood is one of the most energy-efficient models there is. This energy efficiency means that you are making a small but positive choice as it relates to the environment. It can also help you cut down on your energy bills.

To prove this efficiency, the Broan BCSEK1 Glacier Range Hood is Energy Star certified. It has this certification for a few reasons.

First, this range hood offers low blower settings to reduce electrical output. It also has energy-efficient lighting in the form of strong LED bulbs.

Even though it is energy efficient, the Broan BCSEK1 Glacier Range Hood is not a weak machine. It has a CFM rating of 250. That allows this range to remove smoke from your kitchen with no issue. It comes standard with mesh filters, but single-use charcoal filters can be purchased for a fair price if you prefer.

It is little surprise that the Broan BCSEK1 Glacier Range Hood is also relatively quiet. This is especially true on the lower blower settings. At most, this range hood reaches only 33DB. Alone with this great feature, this range hood comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • Energy Star certification
  • Two exhaust openings
  • Black, slate and stainless steel color options


  • Only one brightness level for lights
  • Filters are not the highest quality
  • Switches can become loose

Hauslane C400 Under-Cabinet Range Hood – Most Innovative

Not all range hoods are made equal. The Hauslane C400 Under-Cabinet Range Hood illustrates that point perfectly. This model comes with some of the most innovative features you can imagine. Let’s look at what that forward-thinking design means for you.

Perhaps the most notable feature of this range hood is its self-cleaning function. The exhaust fan is able to use water to continually clean the motors. This has two benefits. It makes the motor last longer. It also ensures proper ventilation.

The Hauslane C400 Under-Cabinet Range Hood also has a button-free design. It relies on touch screen controls instead. This makes the design a bit more streamlined. It also makes cleaning that much easier.

This range hood is powerful at 750CFM and has a two-year limited warranty. Its noise level is at 45DB and it has two exhaust openings at the top and back of the hood. 

The Hauslane C400 Under-Cabinet Range Hood gives you plenty of flexibility as well. This includes six speed settings and a three-way ventilation system. It also comes in 30” and 36” versions to fit in more kitchens. Above all, it is the innovative features that make the Hauslane C400 Under-Cabinet Range Hood stand out.


  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Many settings
  • Long-lasting performance


  • Installation can be challenging
  • Halogen bulbs are less energy efficient
  • Sharp edges can be dangerous

What Size Range Hood Do I Need?

The size of your under cabinet range hood should depend on the space you have available. In general, a hood should be at least as wide as your range. Ideally, it will be a few inches wider on either side. 

Regarding dimensions, the most common for range hoods is 30” followed closely by 36”. However, you can also find range hoods that measure 24”, 48”, and many more sizes.

Remember that positioning matters as well. Specifically, as you install your range hood pay attention to the distance between the range hood and the cooktop. 

For a gas cooktop, most range hoods should have 24” to 30” clearance above the range. For an electric cooktop, in most cases the range hood should be only 20” to 24” away. These specifications may vary slightly from model-to-model, so be sure to read the instructions for your model before installing.

How Many CFM Do I Need for My Range Hood?

As you have seen on this list, one of the most important range hood descriptors is cubic feet per minute, also known as CFM. This is a measure of how much air the range hood fan is capable of moving.

CFM alone is not a guarantee that smoke will be effectively filtered out but does play a role. As a rule, you want 100CFM for every foot of electric cooktop width. For gas cooktops, take your BTUs and divide that number by 100 to get your required CFM.

Many range hoods offer more than enough CFM. For example, the IKTCH Classic Series Under Cabinet Range Hood has a CFM rating of 900. That extra power may be more than you need but in some cases is necessary. If your ducting is exceptionally long, or has sharp bends in the line then you will probably need additional power to move air effectively.  

What Type of Range Hood Do I Need?

The type of range hood you choose is largely a matter of preference. Different kitchens and different range spaces call for different kinds of range hoods. 

As you shop, you will find that there are many kinds of range hoods. Here are some of the most common categories:

  • Island hoods
  • Over-the-range microwaves
  • Hood inserts
  • Under-cabinet hoods
  • Professional grade hoods
  • Downdraft hoods 
  • Chimney hoods 

Each offers its own benefits and works well with specific kitchen layouts. For example, an over-the-range microwave is a dual-purpose piece of equipment that saves space.

Under-cabinet hoods are also a popular option. These range hoods save on space as well while prioritizing cabinet space. As you read descriptions for different products, it will become far more apparent which models are suitable in different scenarios.

How Noisy is a Range Hood? What Are Sones?

Noise is a major factor when evaluating range hood options. An excessively loud range hood makes for difficult conversation and is a nuisance in general.

There is often a trade-off between range airflow power and noise level. As you might expect, the more powerful your range hood fan is, the more likely it is to make a loud noise as it runs.

There are two ways that range hood noise is measured, decibels and sones. Most people are more familiar with decibels but sones are simply another unit for measuring sound. When it comes to range hoods, noise levels typically range between one and seven sones.

Fans aren’t the only factor in range hood noise level. The duct size matters as well. The larger your duct opening is, the lower the noise level is likely to be.

How Do I Install a Range Hood?

Most range hoods accommodate DIY installation, but will require more than one person to complete safely. The method of installation will depend on the variety of range hood you have purchased.

In this regard, it matters whether you have a ducted, ductless, or convertible range hood. This will impact the level of detail in your installation process.

Installing a ducted range hood is often the most involved process. This is because the length and shape of the duct have so much influence over your range hood’s performance.

How Do I Clean a Range Hood Filter?

Just like there are many kinds of range hoods, there are also a few different kinds of range hood filters. Here are some of the most common filter types.

  • Stainless steel baffle
  • Aluminum mesh
  • Carbon

Of these three options, carbon is the only one that is disposable. The other two are often dishwasher safe making for relatively simple cleaning.

Filters often come with removable parts to facilitate washing. Owners should wash their filters every one to three months. This ensures that the filter is not clogged with grease and continues to clean the air effectively.

What Product Certifications Should I Look For?

As with any product, there are surefire ways to know that you are purchasing a quality model. For range hoods, there are a few different certifications you should look for when shopping.

The first certification to know about is an HVI certification. In this context, HVI stands for Home Ventilating Institute. This group evaluates residential products for airflow, sound, energy, and lighting. If a range hood comes with an HVI label you can be sure it ranks well across all these factors.

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) seal of approval is also something to look for in a range hood. This is especially beneficial for the elderly or those with disabilities. ADA compliance ensures access and use for all parts of your society including range hoods.

An Energy Star Rating indicates that the range hood you are looking at has good energy efficiency. The Broan BCSEK1 Glacier Range Hood is a prime example of a range hood with this rating.

Electrical Testing Laboratory (ETL) listings signify that a range hood has undergone extensive testing in many areas. These ETLs are certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Rigorous ETL testing makes for products that are safe to use.

The final relevant certification is an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification. UL certification is a lot like ETL certification in that they both evaluate the safety of using a product.


As is now clear, there are many options for the best under cabinet range hood, so choosing the best can be hard. Our top two picks are the Broan 40000 Series Two-Speed Ducted Range Hood and the Cosmo 5MU30 Under-Cabinet Convertible Range Hood. These range hoods offer the best ductwork and the most versatility respectively.

General Electric makes a few quality range hoods as well. They are often comparable to the Broan products. Combined, these two companies own most of the range hood market share. Along with Broan and GE, the company Pacific also makes good range hoods. But these models are better for high-powered cooking. 

Broan may prove to be the most adaptable maker. This company is associated with a high-end brand known as ‘Best’ and a bargain brand called ‘NuTone’. 

Of course, naming “the best range hood” is highly subjective. What best fits the needs and goals of your kitchen may be quite different from other readers. Hopefully this article will help you align your priorities with a product that performs well in the ways that are important to you.

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